16th Conference

June 8-23, 2018

The sixteenth edition of the conference/ seminar series: Recovering Forgotten History. The Image of East-Central Europe in English-Language Academic and Textbooks) took place between June 8-23, 2018. The sessions took place in Cracow and Warsaw.

15th Conference

June 9-24, 2017

Experts who enthusiastically join the Recovering Forgotten History Conference become advocates for Polish historical policy. Thanks to the professional level of discussion, significant changes are being made to books planned for publication. Participants` personal involvement in discussions and ongoing conversations during joint visits to museums, castles, churches, and synagogues are effectively challenging stereotypes with which our guests have come to Poland.

14th Conference

June 12-28, 2016

Considering a decade of experience in organizing the project, fourteen previously organized conferences, and high-quality, reasoned discussions of the guests with the experts, it can be safely said that we are “reclaiming” Poland’s rightful place in great processes and historical events. Expanding contacts with major publishers that control the publishing market and the publication of academic textbooks allows our project not only to introduce changes beneficial for Poland, but also to increase noticeably the number of books that present Poland’s perspective on history and geopolitics.

13th Conference

June 11-27, 2015

Intensive and lengthy discussions on textbooks and monographs often continued during the visit to some of the most beautiful historical monuments, which allowed invited foreign scientists to familiarize themselves with the latest achievements of Polish humanities. To a large extent, it was possible owing to the participation in the seminar works of the most outstanding Polish specialists from the Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of National Remembrance and several Universities (University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University, University of Wrocław, Gdańsk and others).

12th Conference

June 14-28, 2014

The project creates a unique opportunity to change the image of Poland in the US and English-speaking countries, and, in fact, worldwide. The conferences have gained a significant reputation in the academic world; that is usually a long-term work.

11th Conference

June 14-25, 2013

The changes introduced by our project, especially extensive additions to the textbooks, are essential for the image of the Polish state, its history and culture. Additionally, the conferences have facilitated a revival of scholarly exchange between our universities and, more importantly, have offered wider possibilities of publishing Polish historians abroad.

10th Conference

May 24-June 7, 2012

The report from the conclusion of the 10th Conference should highlight the topic of “Polish death camps” that has attracted attention worldwide. Lapsus on the Polish death camps in US president Barak Obama’s speech sounded like a thoughtless provocation uttered at a most inappropriate moment, namely during the posthumous awarding of Jan Karski to the highest civilian award of the United States.

9th Conference

May 25-June 7, 2011

The ninth conference was devoted to the history of Germany and the history of German and Polish anti-Semitism. Topics linked to Central Europe, in particular Poland, were discussed. The main goal was to draw the authors’ attention to errors appearing in the discussed books and to debate issues which from the Polish perspective seem to be controversial or doubtful. What is important, this was the aim of both the invited authors and the organizers; consequently, the discussions were substantive and animated, although there were polemics, which are an indispensable and desirable feature of scholarly discussions.